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Criminal Lawyer

With 36+ years in criminal justice, I protect clients' rights with an aggressive and effective defense. Prosecutors often forget the humanity and rights of accused persons, and I'll protect you from that. Don't face criminal charges alone.

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Criminal defense

I can help you build a strong strategy for the defense of your case, presenting compelling arguments and convincing evidence to support your case in court.

Legal advice

With my 36 years of experience, I can provide you with proven advice and strategies that will help you protect your rights and achieve your legal objectives successfully.

Plea negotiations

With my experience and negotiation skills, I can help you obtain a fair and favorable agreement in a system that is often unequal and adversarial.


My experience has taught me that a poorly prepared defense can result in negative consequences. However, I can help you present a strong and strategic appeal following previous inadequate legal representation.

About Me

who is Alan G. Karrow

As a criminal defense lawyer, my greatest skill is my ability to understand and analyze the finest details of each case. I am a critical and strategic thinker, and I have a great ability to connect with my clients and understand their needs and concerns.

In addition, my perseverance and dedication have allowed me to succeed in a variety of difficult and complex cases. I am passionate about finding creative and effective solutions for my clients and do not easily give up in the face of challenges.

Outside of work, I enjoy reading, playing chess, and spending time with my family. I am proud to be a dedicated and loving father, and I am constantly looking for ways to grow and learn as a person and as a professional.


Three Work Challenges That Have Had the Biggest Impact on My Life

I have worked on challenging cases that taught me the importance of fighting for justice. Olivia was accused of armed robbery, David of murder, and a family of drug trafficking. Through exhaustive investigations, we were able to prove their innocence or mitigating circumstances. These cases showed me the impact of defending the truth and helping clients reclaim their freedom and future.

The Case of Johnson Smit

July 2010

involved charges related to drugs and weapons. The defense attorney worked tirelessly to analyze the evidence, find a key witness, and ultimately exonerate Johnson from all charges...

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The Challenging Defense of Olivia Richards

April 2020

Olivia Richards, accused of armed robbery, we showed that she was a victim of abuse and pressured to commit the crime...

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The Sad Story of David: A Case That Kept Me Up at Night

August 2019

David, accused of murder, had a history of childhood abuse. We built a defense based on his traumatic upbringing...

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My Blog Posts


The Importance of Tax Revenue for California's Cannabis Industry

April 25, 2006

Legalizing cannabis in California has created jobs, boosted local economies, and generated over $1 billion in tax revenue for critical programs such as education and public safety. The industry is subject to various taxes, which regulate the market and ensure product safety. Despite concerns, high taxes have not hindered the legal industry's growth.

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The Importance of Keeping Cannabis Regulation Laws Up-to-Date

April 25, 2019

The importance of maintaining updated laws and regulations on the cannabis industry cannot be overstated. As the industry evolves, laws must be adapted to address new challenges and opportunities, such as social equity, public health, and consumer protection. Outdated laws can create inconsistencies, confusion, and barriers to entry for entrepreneurs and consumers alike. By staying current with the latest research and industry trends, policymakers can ensure that the cannabis industry continues to thrive and meet the needs of all stakeholders.

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Criminalization of other cannabis-related activities

April 25, 2019

Criminalization of other cannabis-related activities, such as possession, transportation, and distribution, has led to mass incarceration and racial disparities in the justice system.

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